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Partner with us to transform your property into a highly profitable vacation rental business. Unlock the full potential of your property today.

Why Short-Term?

Greater profits

Holiday and short-term rentals frequently earn significantly more than conventional rents. Our sophisticated pricing algorithm will strike the ideal mix between high occupancy and a lucrative nightly rate, maximizing your earnings.

Greater adaptability

It’s yours, so use it whenever you need it! Are friends coming to visit for a week? Simply close your calendar for that week’s bookings.

Easy to maintain

Short-term guests are more concerned about property maintenance than long-term residents. Regular cleaning ensures potential problems are identified and resolved before they escalate. If necessary, we can assist in organizing maintenance at reasonable rates.


Property damage is exceedingly unusual, but you’re covered if it does occur. Airbnb ensures owners for up to $1,000,000 USD and accepts deposits on all platforms.

Why Nomads?

Revenue maximization

With our unique vacation rental mix and pricing optimization, you can unlock your property’s potential worth.


We take care of everything. Guest communications, 24-hour check-in, cleaning, maintenance, supply restocking, and other services.

Your home is in good hands

We take care of your property by conducting regular quality control inspections and preventive maintenance.


It is your residence. You can rent it on your terms. You determine when the property is available for reservations.

Complete transparency

Using the internet app, you can monitor the functioning of your property.

Owners Portal

Our user-friendly platform provides you with straightforward tools to effectively handle your property. You’ll have the ability to effortlessly check the occupancy schedule, giving you the flexibility to mark off dates at your convenience. Stay well-informed about your earnings with a transparent breakdown of revenue for each reservation.

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